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      This is a small selection of products that we keep in stock. These prices include free delivery and connection within a 10 mile radius.

      Bosch Tactical 1400 spin

      Bosch Series 4 F/L 8KG 1400 spin

      Bosch Series 4 F/L 7KG 1200 spin
      WAS £399 NOW £379

      Bosch Series 4 F/L 7KG 1400 Spin
      WAS £420 NOW £399

      Bosch Silver 1400 Spin

      Bosch 12Pl Dishwasher

      Zanussi 1400 Autowasher
      £285 Slightly Marked

      Zanussi Condenser Dryer
      £275 Slightly Marked

      Hoover 1400 Autowasher
      £260 Slightly Marked

      Hoover Condenser Dryer

      55cm Under Counter Larder

      55cm Under Counter Freezer

      Bosch S/Steel Built Under Oven

      Bosch 60Cm S/Steel Gas Hob

      Built Under Larder Fridge

      Built In12Pl Dishwasher

      50cm Gas or Ceramic F/S Cookers
      FROM £360

      4 Ft Chest Freezers

      Fridge Freezers Frost Free

      Static Fridge Freezers

      Sebo X4 Extra 1300W Cleaner

      Numatic NRV200 Cleaner

      This Is Only A Small Selection Of Products We Keep In Stock Please Do Not Hesitate To Call.
      Prices Include Delivery Within A 10 Mile Radius.
      Connection Is Free On Free Standing Appliances To Existing Services.
      £80 Charge For Built In Washers And Washer Dryers
      £60 Charge For Built In Refrigeration / Dishwashers.
      £35 Charge For Built In Ovens.
      £60 Charge For Gas Hobs And Cookers (Gas Safe Registered Fitter)
      All Subject To Availability
      Graded Appliances / Slightly Marked Also Available.